The Turkish Modern Special is back and better than ever. 


Now when you order a pair of Rafiks, you'll also have your choice of handloomed linen-cotton blend Turkish towel and handprinted cotton tote. You'll also receive a handprinted stone tile, small notebook, and handmade glass Blue Eye. 


Each one of these examples of fine Turkish craftsmanship is worth owning individually, and having all six is like a mini-shopping spree at our Istanbul shop, which features some of the best products Turkey has to offer--from our workshops and those of our friends. 


You pick your Rafiks, Turkish towel, and tote. We will select the remaining items in the collection based on your choices. 




First, consult the Rafiks page to familiarize yourself with the color and size options.  

Second, consult the Turkish towels page and decide on a color.

Finally, return to this page and make your selection from the menus provided.

Turkish Modern Special

Rafiks: Size
Rafiks: Color
Turkish Towel

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