In honor of living well, Turkish Modern is offering a special deal on four of our best selling non-furniture creations: Choose any one of our fine handwoven linen towels, any style Rafik slide, a bar of our ever-popular natural handmade olive oil soap, and a carved olive wood soap dish and get $50 off!


(Sold individually: $175 Slide, $10 Soap, $55 Turkish Towel, $15 Soap Dish)


Each one of these examples of fine Turkish craftsmanship is worth owning individually, but having all four will leave you feeling stylish and extra fresh. Plus you'll also save $50. 


Please note that while you can (and should) use these goods to spa better, the slides are designed to be worn on the street, and we see rather a lot of our customers using the Turkish towels as scarves. 


If you are unfamiliar with our Turkish towels, please familiarize yourself with the different styles here before making your selection. You can also view our slides on the Rafiks page.


Delivery may take up to four weeks--we will contact you after your order is placed with an estimated delivery time. 


Please note that coupons or promo codes are not applicable to special offers. 

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