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Female founded, Turkish owned.

The variety and quality of our creations combined with our warm customer service make Turkish Modern stand out. eOur ateliers are part of an extended family of skilled craftswomen and men who are committed to keeping traditional Turkish design alive. Founder Seyda Dogan Carter, a native of Istanbul, personally oversees production and is intimately involved in every step (be it furniture, textiles, or leatherware), often learning how to produce these goods herself so that she may train others who will in turn pass this knowledge on to the next generation. 


Alexander B. Carter of New Orleans joined the company in 2012, bringing with him a select collection of jazz and blues records on vinyl, as well as over 10 years' experience in education and advertising. In addition to collaborating on new design projects, Şeyda and Alexander have begun working with up-and-coming designers to create a boutique quite unlike any other in the city. In their intimate showrooms and online, Şeyda and Alexander now have customers from all over the world and--one creation at a time--Turkish Modern is a vision that continues to unfold.

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