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Rare Handwoven Sumac Rug 8'6''x 5'4''

Rare Handwoven Sumac Rug 8'6''x 5'4''


Sumac rugs are a rare type of kilim originally from Azerbaijan. Their distinctive flat-weave style somewhat resembles that of a kilim, but the Sumac weave is stronger and thicker, with a smooth face and ragged back. 

Sumacs are prized for the quality of their construction and the fact that they're perfectly at home in both traditional and contemporary interiors. 


  • Naturally dyed with vegetal dyes
  • Wool
  • Excellent condition
  • 70-80 years old
  • Repaired, washed, and stretched
  • 8'6''x 5'4'' (2.58 m x 1.60 m) 

  • Shipping & handling included 

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