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Antakya is famous for its ancient ruins, delicious food, and handwoven linens, but was once home to a thriving handmade leather shoe industry as well. Yemenis (the traditional name for what we call our classic Rafiks) from Antakya were also of excellent quality--perhaps owing to the superior quality of life enjoyed by inhabitants of this laid-back, refreshingly green town at the end of the Mediterranean. This iteration of Antioch Rafiks are made with a more mustardy yellow leather and feature white piping and a matching white X on the heel. 


To learn more about these shoes and the ancient shoemaking tradition behind Rafiks, please visit our About Rafiks page.


  • Sizing

    If you have never tried on Rafiks before and you're unsure about which size Rafik is right for you, please consult the sizing guide included in this Rafik's image gallery.


    We gave Rafiks a narrow toebox (front of the shoe). This was done because the leathers we use stretch over time. It is normal, even preferable, for your Rafiks to feel somewhat tight when you first wear them. Please keep this in mind when consulting the size chart. 


    If you're unsure about what size you should purchase, please include your foot measurement, as well as the size loafer or slip-on you usually wear in the "Add note to seller" section at checkout.


    We are happy to assist you personally with your order: Please write to

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