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Turkish Towel Special - Set of Four

Turkish Towel Special - Set of Four

$220.00 Regular Price
$155.00Sale Price

Following the stunning success of the Turkish Modern Special, we decided  our collection of quality linen-cotton blend Turkish towels deserved its own special. With this offer you get four towels for less than the price of three, plus free shipping and a free tote! Choose from among 30 different colors and simultaneously satisfy all your towel/scarf/throw/picnic blanket needs for the foreseeable future!


Browse our collection and note the names of the four towels you'd like before making your selection from the menus provided here. 


Please verify that the towels you have selected are listed as In Stock on the Turkish Towel page before completing your order. 


About our Turkish Towels:


All-natural linen-cotton blend. Measures 40 inches by 78 inches. 


Use: Turkish towels are highly absorbent--they wick away moisture quickly and dry fast.  Each towel in our collection can be used as a bath towel, throw, spread, or scarf.  


Care instructions: Turkish towels become softer with each wash and require less water to clean than ordinary towels. These towels may be washed by machine in cold water.  Use a mild detergent and tumble dry or hang dry. 



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